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Campaign Director

Company: Funding Solutions
Date Posted: April 1, 2016

Funding Solutions is seeking a qualified candidate for the position of Campaign Director. The Campaign Director is responsible for management and execution of all client related activities including strategic development and fundraising. This is a unique opportunity to work, learn and grow by interfacing directly with Funding Solutions partners who have over 60 years of experience. Candidates must possess skills to interface with community leaders, experience as a strategic leader and have a minimum of five years of fundraising experience. Must have a college degree and be willing and able to travel frequently. Qualified candidates should submit a resume to



Position: Campaign Director


Position Summary:


Funding Solutions, Inc. based in Austin, Texas is a nationally recognized leader in the development of organizational strategic planning, programming and funding for chambers of commerce and economic development organizations. Funding Solutions has a successful 24 year track record with clients throughout the country including Alabama. Funding Solutions is seeking a proven, experienced fundraising professional for partner position with an industry leading boutique firm. This person would be based in the southeast.






  • Develop overall fundraising plan.
  • Responsible for raising stated client revenue goal to fund five year programs.
  • Interface with client staff and leadership to engage client in fundraising process.
  • Ensure proper communication and follow-up with prospective investors.




  • Lead community leadership interview process to assess passion level for new program of work.
  • Decipher information from community leadership interviews and recommend optimum strategy

for client success.




  • Extensive professional fundraising experience.
  • Ability to interface with high level business, public and community leaders.
  • Ability to lead the development of a new client strategic plan.
  • Capability to learn from the industry’s best, strategic thinkers and fundraisers in the nation.
  • Desire to earn equity position within the firm.




  • College degree and minimum of five years of experience in fundraising.
  • Travel required.
  • Willingness to do “whatever it takes” to meet client demands and campaign goals.
  • Participate in new client development activities.