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"How to Establish and Track Performance Measures that Engage Donors" with Ron Klein

Wealthy donors are more inclined to contribute to well-run organizations.  Providing board visibility into the operations and outcomes of non-profits is difficult.  This is, in large part, because of the nature of the services.  Nevertheless, this difficulty combined with a lack of understanding on the part of leaders should not be an excuse for poor accountability.  This presentation will review the process that one non-profit went through in the establishment and tracking of performance measures.

Ron Klein has had three careers.  He was a soldier who started his career as a long-range reconnaissance infantryman in Viet Nam and ended as an aviation acquisition officer.  In 1997 he founded Belzon, an aerospace/defense services company.  In 2012, after the company had grown to 100 employees, he sold it.  For the next five years, he served as the Westminster Christian Academy Head of School and continues to serve as the school board president.  He has a master's degree in economics and has taught economics, geopolitics, and the history of technology development.  He holds an FAA commercial pilot's license with ratings in helicopters, multi-engine airplanes, and seaplanes.  He's been active in civic affairs to include president of the Madison Rotary Club and Chairman of the Huntsville Committee of 100.  He's recently published a book on Christian school governance.